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Position Statements

Diversity to Foster Inclusion in Collection Development (2019)

BAISL supports the position that K-12 independent school libraries develop a diverse collection of books to foster inclusion and belonging of the population it serves. (Download)

Information Literacy (2019)

BAISL recommends the creation and strengthening of robust information literacy instruction-- programs, services, and materials in independent school libraries --and recommends librarians as faculty who lead this instruction. (Download)

Academic Integrity and Honesty (2008)

Defining Plagiarism, the Library and Academic Integrity, Why Should You Cite Your Sources?, When Should You Cite Your Sources?, and Citing Your Sources Through Bibliographies (Works Cited) and Through In-Text Citations. (Download)

Librarian As Faculty (2007)

BAISL supports faculty status for librarians. This classification is warranted for librarians who have the equivalent educational background as other faculty members and who design and implement an instructional curriculum through their collaboration with faculty colleagues. (Download)

Non-Academic Uses of the Library (2007)

School leaders must protect the integrity of the library program from non-library uses of the facilities during the library's regular hours. (Download)

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